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July 12 2013


Hillview Peak Condo

Hillview Peak Condo at Hillview Avenue

In a 2012 Forbes report, Singapore was chosen on the 6th best country for an individual being born in 2013. At 6th position, Singapore is takes the most notable area for the most effective country in Asia to reside. The report attributes Singapore's rise, from 36th position last year to 6th position this season, to a thriving sea port, affluence of the nation, and exceptional standard of living for locals.

Hillview Peak Condo
The reason why that Forbes stated would be the main reasons why many locals and lots of foreign investors elect to invest in property in Singapore. Singapore offers political stability, economic stability (as evidenced within the country's resilience to economic fluctuations in the past decades), and just because the Forbes report says, living life in Singapore simply good.

Due to Singapore's favorable political, economic, and social situation, this is a magnet the real deal estate investment from not only the locals who upgrade on own stay, it also attracts investors, notably from Malaysia, Indonesia, and China, to buy property. Before decade, from 2001 to 2012, private property prices has risen 72.7%, in line with the Singapore Residential Price Index (SRPI), authored by the nation's University of Singapore (NUS).

Due to the meteoric increase in fascination with Singapore real estate, now there is many choices for property hunters in Singapore. At the time of date, there's 2,453 different condominiums and apartments, eliminating private landed properties.

Therefore, choosing and buying a home in Singapore is daunting. With the existence of 2,453 unique property developments in the mere 723.2km2 land size, Singapore has probably the most dense property development: land ratio on the planet. Choosing a good property to invest in is absolutely no easy feat.

Proximity to MRT is the main criteria

These golden rules in property investment has always been "Location, location, location". But also for those familiar with the real estate market in Singapore, the three golden rules are "MRT, MRT, MRT". MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit, the Singaporean term for the train or subway system.

It's been shown, in the past decade, that properties near MRT stations are most resilient in resisting price falls in periods of bad economic situations, but posts the best capital appreciation in good economic periods. As such, properties near MRT stations are always in hot demand.

In a tiny country like Singapore, trains and will be the main mode of transportation for most of us, and travelling by MRT happens to be chosen over buses, as MRT provides comfort during the journey and timing reliability. It is the choice mode of transport especially for expatriates residing in Singapore, given that they normally do not drive, as well as their main workplace, Central Business District, is available by MRT.

There are many reported cases within the national newspaper before year, that existing condominiums saw a 30% increase in asking price overnight, immediately once a new MRT station within walking distance to the condo was announced.
The proximity to MRT, therefore, will be the primary criteria for choosing a great property in Singapore.

Being in close proximity to amenities, schools, and expressways

The following criteria in selecting property in Singapore are proximity to amenities, top schools, and expressways. These need for these criteria change from individual to individual, as one may place more importance in succeeding as near a high junior school for his young children, while another may place more importance in succeeding as close to the expressway exit since he drives. In case a property development includes a good balance, being close to amenities, schools and expressways, then the property are usually in scorching demand, not just in the first sales launch, but also over the years once the owners and tenants are available in to keep.

It's these properties - being near to MRT, amenities, schools, and expressways (transport links) - that command top quality, and consistent rental demand.

In choosing a new property to invest in, inside the 6th best country on the planet to live in, it really is these criteria that will set the really good properties aside from the mediocre.

Hillview Peak Condo is really a New Hillview Launch Condominium near Hillview MRT, developed by Kingsford Development Pte Ltd.

Full Location information, Brochure, Floorplans, and Price are available at www.hillviewpeak.org

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